Thanks for landing on my site! As a professional wedding photographer with over 800 plus documentable weddings to date, there is something to be said for experience in selecting your photographer of choice for your life event. I can easily say that, without a doubt, the experienced wedding photographer is the key tangible and integral part of any successful wedding. I built my vision and business model strictly on a word of mouth basis. Priceless. I practice what I preach by staying under the radar of social media outlets by design. I let my brides, families, guests, wedding planners, church coordinators and venue owners all do the talking for me. As will you! Experience ensures you are working with one of the easiest going pros around when it comes to collaborating and working under pressure situations. Especially in multiple fast moving and ever changing environments…priceless. You will notice a refreshing work ethic and offbeat artist that consistently delivers a steady stream of new, fun, artsy, creative and professional yet personalized images for every specific personality, fast turnaround guaranteed. I am always available for unlimited free consultations, event coordination advice/referral upon request and… moral support at no extra charge. Remember it doesn’t cost anything to talk!